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Our courses can be customized to help schools expand their curriculum offerings and allow students to meet U.S. high school graduation requirements to receive a U.S. diploma, as well as prepare them for college and entering into global careers.Any student, anywhere—whether enrolled in public or private school, domestic or international, home schooled or out of school for years—is eligible to take a course from Mizzou K–12 Online.


Mizzou K-12 Online.   MK12 is an educational online school with curriculum aligned with U.S.A. and Missouri State educational standards, and accredited by AdvancED and NCA CASI; with select courses approved by the NCAA and the College Board (Advanced Placement).

MK12 offers a pathway for students who successfully graduate from its high school – and also meet all criteria for the Mizzou Direct option – to matriculate as an undergraduate freshman into the University of Missouri (“MU”) and other approved institutions. 
Diploma Program Mizzou K12 Online offers a high school diploma which is accredited through AdvancED and the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement, meeting Missouri State education standards. We offer three (3) diploma programs based on the student’s need:


• General Diploma This basic diploma is fully accredited and meets Missouri standards, requiring a minimum of three (3) credits from Mizzou K12 Online.


• College Prep Diploma Goes beyond the General Diploma to meets most U.S. College and University requirements, including the University of Missouri. This diploma requires a minimum of five (5) credits from Mizzou K12 Online.


• Mizzou Direct Diploma With the same requirements as the College Prep Diploma, students who attain their Mizzou Direct diploma and meet the University of Missouri entrance criteria are guaranteed admission to the University of Missouri for undergraduate study in the field of their choice. Because of the direct interaction with University of Missouri Undergraduate Admissions, this diploma requires a minimum of eight (8) credits from Mizzou K12 Online. Further information on this program is available upon request.


Students enrolled in local schools will provide to MK12 their transcripts of courses taken and those planned to take through graduation. 

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